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Leading researchers discovered that females taking the contraceptive tablet have a substantially smaller sized hypothalamus– a brain area responsible for controling hormones.
Damage to the hypothalamus can wreak havoc with a ladiess sex drive, mood, cravings, heart rate and sleep cycles.
The stunning revelation comes following a research study, provided at the annual conference of Radiological Society of North America, that examined 50 ladies– 21 of whom were utilizing the Pill.
All 50 females underwent a brain scan, and physicians measured the size of the hypothalamus of each individual.
And medical professionals were stunned to discover the difference in brain structures in women taking the Pill compared to those who werent.
Effect on brain function
Dr Michael Lipton, professor of radiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, said: “We discovered a significant difference in the size of the brain structures between ladies who were taking contraceptive pills and those who were not.
” This initial study reveals a strong association and needs to inspire additional examination into the impacts of contraceptive pills on brain structure and their possible impact on brain function.”
Dr Lipton also discovered a strong connection in between smaller sized hypothalamic volume and higher anger and depressive symptoms.
Regardless of this, he said that this finding was presently “initial”.
Tablet plays Cupid
This is the first time structural results of sex hormones, consisting of oral contraceptive tablets, on the human hypothalamus have actually been reported, according to the researchers.
It follows it was exposed the Pill can determine who you fall in love with and considerably lower your sex drive.
Top psychologist Dr Sarah Hill revealed that it affects “sex, attraction, tension, appetite, eating patterns, feeling guideline, relationships, hostility, state of mind, learning, therefore lots of other things”.
She said ladies on the Pill are drawn in to less manly guys and are less thinking about sex.
Thats because the hormonal agent progesterone, which sends a message to the body that ovulation is not required, is dominant throughout your cycle.
She said: “Rather than experiencing an increased choice for attractive males at high fertility like naturally biking ladies do, Pill-taking females exhibit an undeviating choice for males with less manly faces and voices.
” This is the sort chosen by naturally biking females throughout the 2nd half of their cycles, when progesterone is high.”
Opposite results …
Earlier this year, experts alerted that one million women might be taking the wrong birth control pill — and could be suffering nasty adverse effects in silence.
Typical negative effects of the birth control pill include:
Physicians approximate three million ladies are plagued by nasty negative effects of their birth control.

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