Missed a Birth Control Pill? An Ob-Gyn Explains What You Should Do Next

Missed a Birth Control Pill? An Ob-Gyn Explains What You Should Do Next

Forgetting to take your contraception is the worst, however the repair really is as simple as youve heard: take the pill as quickly as you keep in mind, even if that implies popping 2 in the exact same day.
Birth control tablets consist of either progestin or a combination of progestin and estrogen, hormones that help thicken the mucus at the cervix to prevent sperm from reaching an egg and, for the most part, even stop ovulation. While doubling up on these hormonal agents may make you a little sick, theres no damage in taking two pills at the exact same time, Renee Wellenstein, DO, a board-certified ob-gyn, told POPSUGAR.
That said, depending upon the pill you missed, you may not require to take it at all. “Typically, the recently are sugar pills, suggesting they include no hormonal agents,” Dr. Wellenstein stated. “So, if among these is missed out on, its no big offer.” However, missing out on a pill previously in the pack can make your contraception less reliable at preventing pregnancy. In that case, utilize a prophylactic or another backup technique simply to be safe. Exactly the length of time youll need to utilize another form of contraception depends upon the kind of contraception youre on and how long you went without it – you can discover some basic standards here.
So, what occurs if your tablet gets crushed or drops the drain? When an incident like that obstructs of you taking it, “take the next tablet at the routine time and use condoms for the remainder of the tablet pack,” Dr. Wellenstein advised.

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