Watch: Poor women in Puerto Rico became unwitting guinea pigs for the birth control pill

Ahousing job in Puerto Rico is where the most substantial human trials for the birth control pill were carried out. The ladies who got involved in the trials– about 1,500 over a number of years– didnt learn about possible negative effects. The doctors– John Rock and Gregory Pincus– didnt either, because the pill had actually only quickly been checked on people, in a failed trial in Boston. Doses of hormones in the tablet were much greater than they are today, and though the typical adverse effects were queasiness and dizziness, often embolism might trigger death. The FDA authorized the pill in 1960, and added cautions for those with hypertension in 1962, however three women had actually passed away in the Puerto Rico trials, and no autopsy was conducted.This content was originally released here.

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