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Herbolax helps for irregular bowel movements, as a gentle laxative to smooth evacuation of feces without interrupting the liquid and also electrolyte balance.
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is concentrated on generating and also developing safe, native and also innovative remedies that assist individuals live much better and also much healthier. Their items are highly reputable, natural and efficient.

Herbolax pills & tablets are helpful when the complying with signs are presented:
1. Chronic bowel irregularity
2. Pre-radiographic abdominal prep work

Each Herbolax bottle has 100 pills

How to order Herbolax

Getting Herbolax at our website is convenient as well as very quick. However you need to take your therapy with a great care. Before you get ready to order Herbolax, you should discuss this with a medical specialis. Any self-medication combined with inappropriate medication can injure you seriously.

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